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Armoured Action Blog!

G’day! I’m Brad Towner the owner of Armoured Heaven and I welcome you to my blog!

Here I shall be writing up my thoughts about the business along with convention news and any other essential updates.

This new website has been in the works for quite some time and I am so pleased to be able to get it out and launched for you all. Many new features are included with a lot more on the way. We have now given you as our customer options for posting items, especially those who want things in a hurry. So upon check out you will be able to select from Signature on Delivery post (Registered) and Express Post. The calculator will then give you a direct quote based on what you’ve ordered and location to me. Best part is; that’s the price you’ll pay during check out!!! This will save time having to wait for me personally to give you an express post quote and you can enter the checkout process straight away with all the answers 😀

Early September, I will have some new items available. Included will be two types of 2 packs! They are the Micro Uzi SMG’s and Beretta M93R Auto-9 Robocop handguns. More on this when I have them in hand so I can comment on their quality and functionality along with providing awesome high resolution pictures 😉

Now onto some new features apart from this blog.

I will be running an attached forum where our community can post topics in a lot more detail than what my Facebook page offers. I will have my selection of people to be my moderators for this forum and will have forum rules posted on what is allowed and what isn’t.

This forum will very much encourage people to post up pictures of their cosplay and toy guns and anything else modded related (within legal boundaries). Just remember to keep any modded toys marked as such otherwise the mods will remove the posts (and yes they will be Nazi’s about this rule so take this as fair notice given)

Web Hosting is available for all whom are interested. We have competitive quotes for people wanting to run a website through Armoured Heaven or even just to store their large files on the internet such as fan films or hi-res images. My awesome bloke Zach will also be happy to commission you up a website if his service is something that takes your fancy. Just browse my website and you can see the quality of work he has put into getting this up and running!

So please do enjoy my new website and leave comments on my blog if you feel it appropriate.

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Brad Towner
Armoured Heaven

Featured Image by Josh Bruce of InkByte!


  • Zach Posted 23/08/2013 7:53 pm

    Thank you mate,

    We do hope everyone likes it, this has been quite a journey for you. What were you doing before toy guns?

  • TitanZee Posted 23/08/2013 9:37 pm

    hey guys, website is looking amazing.

  • Anthony Posted 31/08/2013 2:08 am

    Hey! Keen to see how your new website and the business evolves and works alongside the cosplay community! I also wanted to ask – will there be an area available for making ‘suggestions’ and ‘requests’ for certain cosplay props and toy gun makes? For example, I’m dying to see some more WW2 era toys 😀

    • Brad Posted 31/08/2013 10:27 am

      Yes most definitely for the suggestions.

      Only pre-issue I can tell you is a lot of toy guns are molded from guns post 1980. So WW2 era will be near impossible without seeking a collectors firearm license and buying actual replicas

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