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LDT HK416 V3! OMG!!!

LDT have released their third version of the HK416 and OMG, it is awesome! Wanna see a Video? Click here!

Our chrono test out of box of the blaster is averaging 280 FPS! This amazing blaster also includes a built in adjustable hop up in the barrel, leaving your 14mm reverse thread available for such things as new flash hiders or even a Light Amplification Device for glow gels! I’ve included a preview pic of our test below! Note the individual readings that shows this blaster has some great consistency! We also used control growth Armour Tech Yellow Gels

It is also compatible with our Glow Mags, for a cheaper option (as they are also compatible with other toys ie the SLR M4)

Overall this Blaster comes with a lot of included features that save you money AND a Rifle Bag! Whilst cosmetic, an alloy charging handle with a strong spring is also awesome which shouldn’t break for those who are a tad rough (still exercise caution).

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