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Lead up to Armageddon!

Lead up to Armageddon!

The launch of my website was received extremely well! Looking at the stats we got hit hard, it was great!

Unfortunately a lot of people experienced access issues which we are now rectifying by sorting out our hosting.

I thank you all with continued support and promise to keep delivering as best in the business.


Which leads me to the Armageddon Expo held 19-20th October at the Melbourne Show grounds!

They have an awesome cast of guests lined up and a lot of them are very much related to what we like! Ever thought of getting a toy gun signed by your favourite actor? I’ve done this personally a few times and it is pretty cool. Last year’s Armageddon I got Christopher Judge to sign a P90. Why? He used one in the show Stargate SG-1. I also got Karl Urban to sign a Desert Eagle!

This year I’ll do the same for David Morrissey for a TD-2013 Steyr since he used a similar model in The Walking Dead as The Governor! Consider this idea freely to use at any convention; Stargate fans will be pleased to hear Claudia Black and Ben Browder are joining Armageddon as well.

I highly recommend if you want a toy gun signed by these actors to get something they used on set as their character portrayed! I’ll have M4’s, MP5’s and P90’s also available. These toy guns have plenty of space on them for someone to sign their autograph and it makes a great display piece!


Apart from the guests, Armoured Heaven will have a triple sized stall to showcase all our toy guns and gear. What you currently see available on the website is a hint of what we’ll have at Armageddon and we’re looking forward to selling out!

So if you haven’t already, get yourself booked in to come to the expo and have a blast! Armageddon is a great convention to attend and we’ll be rock n roll ready to go for all your trigger finger needs!


Pictured is the signed Desert Eagle by Karl Urban!

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