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M4A1 Gen 9 and why it’s Amazing!

(Pictured is our Stage 3 Haven Build M4 Custom Blaster to give you a taste of what’s so amazing about these blasters!)

A lot of you have recently discovered we have the awesome Generation 9 Gearbox M4A1 for just $150! And they’ve been buying them up very happily! Here’s why you should also grab one!

Firstly, it’s $150! That’s the current price range for a new Gen 8 M4 variant, which in my opinion whilst cheap, costs you more money to achieve even the basic level of upgrading the external parts due to needing to buy adaptors for handguards etc.

Secondly. The is the “Barbie” of Blasters. You can dress it up however you please! Want a threaded handguard without the aforementioned need of annoying adaptors? No worries mate we got that for you right now!

Thirdly and most importantly! The upgrades are easy and affordable. I personally run a Stage 1 upgraded M4 as one of my go to Blasters for CQB games and they are awesome! Compared to a Gen 8, you’ll spend less for more FPS, Accuracy and Range. We build ours to a benchmark Average FPS of 280. The sweet spot for accuracy and range at any field. Oh you want 300FPS? Easily done too!

So how do you get one? Click here for a M4A1 or here for a Custom Stage 1 M4A1

We have plenty of external upgrades too such as dot sights, scopes, forward grips and rail kits all located here too!

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  • Mr Damien Payne Posted 10/12/2019 6:51 pm

    I can’t fault the M4A1 gen 9. It’s a starter blaster with features. It’s nearly universally mod capable.
    I like it so much I have two. One super short and the other mid length. I reckon you can call them workhorse blasters.

    Go try one, then come see Brad and Buy one. You won’t lose sleep over it, i reckon.

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