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Nades, Sights and Mags!

Wow, stuff came early! :O

Dummy Grenades and M4 Magazines arrived yesterday and they are now all up on the website. And then today, surprise surprise, EOTech XPS-2 Zombie Stoppers turn up!

Now my office is well equipped to go against some Zombies but I think some love needs to be shared for other bunkered down Z-killers so it’s all up for sale PRE my expected June release!

The M67 Frags, MK141 Flash Bang and M203 40mm GrenadesMK141 01 (853x1280)Great for film makers and pouch filling for the cosplayers. Best feature I like about these is you can throw them around and they won’t shatter! With the M67 and MK141, you can also pull the pins and pop the spoons so filming just became a lot more awesome! Both MK141 and M67 come pre-assembled but you do need to apply the stickers for the MK141 yourself.

Dummy M4 Stanag MagazinesM4/M16 Dummy Magazine Set of 3 Perfect for those removable magazine mods and is compatible to do so with all M4/M16 toy rifles I sell! These too are great for pouch filling and like the grenades, can be thrown around without breaking.

EOTech XPS-2 Zombie Stopper: These came around roughly 1-2 years ago on the market from experience and they are perfect for the wow factor of their holographic sight reticule! Just like any other EOTech, such as the 552 model I sell on my sight, it projects a reticule onto a clear case, BUT it is a Biohazard symbol!!!EOTech XPS2 Zombie Stopper 04 These are compact models too so they don’t take up as much rail space on the toy rifles as the 552 model leaving more room to mount other things someone may want to chuck on their toy gun!


And don’t forget to capitalise on the coupon offer I have going! It expires tomorrow night. Add everything you want to the shopping cart and type in wls-123 into the coupon voucher box and score yourself a discount!


  • Zach Posted 03/05/2014 1:46 am

    Good Work Boss

  • lachy Posted 03/05/2014 7:44 pm

    nice work. Sometime can you stock the acog sights as well. keep up the good work

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