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New and Restocked Toys!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post, but I am just wanting everyone to know, Armoured Heaven has restocked its wares and included is some new toys!

On the new list we have the following

G36C – The old version is no longer available to me, but we have an improved model! This one comes with all the previous features as well as a removable screw on suppressor!

MP5SD2 – A fixed model variant of another MP5! Comes with removable Scope and Stock

Blaze Storm M4 – This new rifle shoots suction darts via a flywheel system similar to that found in a Nerf gun. It fires approx 10 meters. Scope and Magazine are removable. Comes with 20 darts and the magazine loads 12. This one takes 5x AA Batteries.

SIG 552 – Great for kids! This is an under scale rifle with removable magazine and stock along with a charging handle that turns the toy’s sound on and off.

Mauser C96 – Full size pistol! With batteries, the top half moves quite rapidly and it makes a lot of noise. Barrel is detachable so it can fit in the smallish box

M1911 Foam Dart 2-Pack – I decided to get a 2-pack version of this. $22 for 2 compact sized 45 calibre pistols! They come with several suction darts and the slide cocks back to load it to fire! No batteries required for these toys! Comes with a large target too


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