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New Checkout System

So many of you may noticed we have abolished PayPal and switched to a new Commbank Merchant checkout system. This is for good reason.

Due to my ongoing personal disdain for PayPal and how they treat me as a merchant customer, I have switched to the new Commbank Merchant gateway. PayPal have taken it upon themselves to restrict my account, and frozen the money there, due to high increase in sales. They basically¬†want to know why I have so many awesome customers throwing their wallets at Armoured Heaven. They’re basically demanding I provide a heap of documents including information that is so close to breaching Australian privacy laws and my own trade secrets it’s ridiculous. Apparently they can do this under the threat of the USA’s “anti terror laws”.

This of course is taking over an entire week to resolve and they don’t seem to care I’ve got things to pay for.

So from now on, all payments are now made through the Commbank service and will not impede on our regular dispatch and delivery times. In fact all transactions are now 100% protected under Australian law and regulations, without the nuisance of American terms and conditions.

So welcome aboard Commbank! Your service is already greatly appreciated as well as the reduced fees! Those extra few dollars I’m personally saving per transaction will now be able to be put straight back into the business and get a nice new toy range for Xmas! More of that at a later date ūüėČ

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