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New toys incoming!!!

Got word today that the toy guns under the pre order tab are due in for delivery to me possibly tomorrow, or if not, then early next week!

This is exciting as I have some new toy guns to photograph 😀

Micro Uzis (Potential 2-pack if pictures are correct!)

Beretta M93R Auto-9 2-pack. If successful, this will replace the Beretta M93R Robocop Auto-9 pistol I have had in the past. Why have 1 when you can have 2!!!

MP5k-PDW with a screw on suppressor. This toy gun combines the features of the MP5-Tactical and the TD-2007 MP5k together to make a sweet variant

New pistol that resembles something from HK. Kinda close to a USP in design but I will double check once I open the box. I comes with a fixed scope but for those who don’t like that can easily cut it off and seal it up 😉


I will of course update the website over the weekend with these listings and add their descriptions in with what they do etc.


Sneak peak at the Micro Uzi’s is attached!



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