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New Year, New Toy Guns

A Happy New Year to everyone and have I got an awesome surprise for you all!

New Toy Guns! Due end of January. View here

The Barrett : 1:1 scale at a whopping 1.5m long! Comes with a removable magazine and packs down great for a convention when travelling to and from!

M249 SAW : Our first ever magazine fed Gel Ball Shooter! Fed by a rotary cog inside the box mag, this basically forces the gel balls up into the feeding tube for the toy gun’s plunger to shoot them out! We’ll also have additional magazines for sale too!

MK23 : Finally! Solid Snake’s primary sidearm and weapon of choice! Just like our Glock, it will have a moving slide with the same attachments.

Halo MA5C : Master Chief’s primary has finally come to Armoured Heaven in human scale. It’s weighty and measures 77cm long! We’ll class this as “Human Scale”

Havok Auto Loading Grenade Launcher : A rather unique toy gun with that it comes with a phone mount as the scope to play an app game. We believe it is going to function the same way as a laser tag gun mixed with VR/Time Crisis style missions and this will give everyone some awesome options for their backyard/outdoor war game!

KSG-15 : John Wick fans get ready for this badass shotgun! Our first battery operated Shotgun and it looks to be a killer! Unlike the real steel version, this one uses the magazine tubes as a double barrel shooter, so like our Gilboa, this means double the dominating fun against your friends!

M4 TacMaster : A new updated version to the M4 Folding Stock model. Whilst essentially the same receiver and stock, this one has a different hand guard and attachments.

SIG P226: A fixed model pistol with the hammer as the on/off switch. Great to be getting some more variety in the pistol range!

SM5 Machine Pistol : We believe this is an SM5 and it appears to be a cool little toy gun with a removable magazine and retractable stock

Wolf Nemesis & Titanium : Sci Fi rifles that are delayed for my February shipment. These look totally badass and we believe they’ll be a great hit like our M-29 Incisor and Thunder Maul!

We’ll also be restocking our Glocks and Desert Eagle models with this shipment. A proper restock of all currently unavailable toys will also come in for February ie The Kriss Vector.


  • Sasa Posted 02/01/2017 10:42 am

    Looking forward to the M249 SAW 🙂
    Can’t wait, I want it now lol…

  • Nick Posted 07/01/2017 11:01 am

    Looks like some really sweet stuff coming in. I wonder if there will ever be a mag fed M4 type gel ball shooter.

  • alex Posted 13/01/2017 7:18 pm

    Mk23 oh hell yeah. Can I get a exact availability date or a notification when its available?

  • Johnno Posted 16/01/2017 5:13 pm

    When do you get a restock on the Big Arse Motherfucking Handcannon?

  • James Posted 24/01/2017 2:57 pm

    When will you bring more stock in

  • Joe Posted 21/12/2018 6:43 am

    Looking forward to the Barrette M82 – need a new sidearm !

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