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Santa has Breached! Gunnmageddon Begins!

Today we received the biggest delivery of toy guns I have ever seen in my life. We posted video’s of the Truck’s arrival to our social media pages, and quietly found it funny that it was red!

But wow, what an awesome amount of toy guns :O Over 2000 Gel Ball Shooters are in stock ready to be sent! I’ve got new M4 LVOA, Crossbow, Glock, Desert Eagle and soon to be released a Barrett! We have a video of them in action to view! Click here

We’ve also restocked the ever so popular Kriss Vector, P90, M4 Sopmod, Thunder Maul, Desert Eagle and Beretta M9.

If you click here, you’ll see a full list of restocked Gel Ball Shooters so you know exactly what to surprise that special someone in your life for Xmas. By that we mean with an amazing Gel Shooter War as opposed to something sloppy like romance…but we do have the M4 Pink Commando for that!

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