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Wolf Nemesis

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Unique Feature – Magazine is Gel Loader. Includes 2 battery packs. One for lights and sound. One for Gel Shooter function.

Mag-Loaded Gel Ball Shooter!


  • Fires Gel Balls : 9-11mm size
  • Automatic Firing Action
  • Includes Gel Ball Shots. Instructions included on box for their use
  • Gel Balls load through Removable Top Fed Magazine
  • 2x Magazine Battery packs. 1x 6v + 1x 7.2v
  • Attachable 20mm rails
  • Extendible Stock
  • 2x Removable Top Feeding Magazines
  • Magazine carry pouch
  • Torch
  • Bipod
  • Sling
  • Safety Glasses
  • 6v + 7.4v Battery Packs w/USB Charger

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1 review for Wolf Nemesis

  1. brandonpiaochin (verified owner)

    I preorder the wolf nemesis hoping to get the product which looks similar to the box art (Blue & Black colour pallette). However, I received the Titanium Grey version instead. I don’t mind the alternative colour scheme as the toy gun looks pretty awesome.

    The wolf nemesis has a design flaw when loading the magazine. The retractable butt stock button gets in the way if you’re switching to another load of BBs , which I wonder why they didn’t add the button on the side similar to the 6V battery release.

    The instructions included on the wolf nemesis is very vague, especially on the batteries. I still don’t know how long I should charge the two batteries for or when are they ready to be disconnected from the power source.

    The wolf nemesis is really unique for its two battery system. You can switch to the 7.4V for longer range combat or to 6V for close quarters as you don’t want to shoot someone with a hard hitting ball from about 5-10 meters away. Switching from the two batteries changes the rate of fire as well. The 7.4V is suited for rapid fire and the 6V for steady control shots.

    All in all, the wolf nemesis is a beautifully crafted sci-fi toy gun that will stand out of the crowd with it’s unique bullpup cross conventional rifle design. Worthy for any toy gun collector or anyone who is looking for an epic toy gun battle in their backyard.

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