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RX Desert Eagle V2

$90.00 Inc GST


  • Nylon w/Aluminium grips
  • RX 7.4v Battery & USB Charger
  • Magazine
  • 20mm rail
  • Eye Protection

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Weight 2 kg


  1. Victoria Ho (verified owner)

    – Initial Impressions –

    *** To test ***
    (1) Milky White gel balls
    (2) SARnD Upgrade Kit

    The very fact that the RenXiang Desert Eagles sold out here on Armoured Heaven soon after they were listed here is a testament to two things:
    (1) Everyone loves a meme cannon.
    (2) Everyone loves a quality meme cannon.

    The RX Desert Eagle appears to be dimensionally 1:1 scale to the real thing. It’s an utter chonk and the construction feels just as solid. The blaster comes with metal grips which add a decent heft in the hand and really gives it that appropriately chonky feel, despite only weighing about 446g with an empty magazine slotted in. The grips are painted black, just like the rest of the blaster and are textured and have the appropriate logo etched onto them. They’re great.
    There are some minor aesthetic-only details on the blaster that are changed from the actual Mk XIX design, but hey, it’s a gel blaster. It’s close enough to the real thing that I’d happily use it for a cosplay.
    Printed on both sides of the slide are:


    This detail may bug some people, but it may not for others. The fact that it is printed means that this is a detail that is easily modifiable to your liking, should you wish to do so.
    Some versions of the RX Desert Eagle come with an orange trigger, mag release, slide stop, underbarrel battery lid and barrel. Mine came with a black trigger, mag release and slide stop. I’m pretty happy with that, although I am considering blacking out the underbarrel lid if I don’t decide to purchase the SARnD upgrade pack (sold separately, on eBay and reseller sites), which comes with both functional and aesthetic upgrades.
    You can also attach a short rail to the underbarrel lid. It helps aesthetically but I believe it should also give you the option to slot an attachment onto it – although I have never tried it.
    The magazines are noticeably shorter than the real thing, but in respect of the function of being a gel blaster, it’s understandable why it’s shorter. The good thing is that the magazines come with the telltale ‘lip’ on the base.

    The RX Desert Eagle comes with one magazine by default, just as with any other mag-fed blaster. I bought a duplicate magazine because I just love fiddling with reloads and also just like having a spare on hand.
    The magazines slide in pretty easily with a satisfyingly tactile click once it is all the way in and drop out like a charm at the press of the mag release. Some people with longer thumbs may find they accidentally press it, but having small hands, I have to intentionally turn the blaster in my hand in order to hit the release.
    The magazines each have a pin on the right hand side which cycles a gel ball each time it’s dragged down. I understand that this is just how the blaster cycles the gel balls, but it sometimes catches onto the edge of the magwell upon loading a magazine. All in all however, it’s not a big issue.
    The biggest issue I have with the magazines however is that the hopper hole doesn’t have some sort of cover on it, which means that if you carry spare magazines in a vest as they are intended to be carried, gel balls will fall out. While there is a small lip which stops balls from feeding into the feed tube, which is lowered when when a magazine is slotted all the way in and engages the actuator at the top of the magazine, it will not stop balls from falling out. It appears that you will have to carry any spare magazines empty and top them up as you go.

    The trigger has a decent amount of pre-travel, which I tend to like. It feels crisp on the break and reset.

    The RX Desert Eagle’s slide has a blowback feature. The slide moves independently of the barrel assembly in the signature Desert Eagle fashion, although not as far back as the real thing. It gives a good impression anyway, and that’s all that really matters. It is a merely cosmetic function which can be held in place with the slide stop, but apart from testing it, I have consciously chosen to never use it because I don’t know if it is causing wear and tear on the internals in any way by doing so.

    The disclaimer here is that I have only tested the blue gell balls that come with the blaster. As with any blaster, those gell balls have a reputation for being very unreliable, and so I found it to be the case here too.
    It is a shame then that much more often than otherwise, I found several gel balls being queued up (read: stuck) into the feed tube, no matter how many times I cleared it out completely. I am not sure if this is an issue with the magazine’s feeding hole not lining up flush with the feed tube or if there is an issue with the magazine engaging the magazine release actuator, which allows the lip on the inner rim of the feed tube to be lowered.
    As mentioned above I will need to test Milky White gel balls and if that isn’t enough, install the SARnD upgrade kit. I hope either or both of these measures will fix this issue.

    The RX Desert Eagle’s internals are pretty simple as far as automatic gel blasters go. It’s pretty easy to put everything back into place after you’ve taken it apart.
    However, my first time removing the blaster’s frames was quite trying. Some areas are more stubborn than others to pry apart, of course, but even while using something thin and hard to pry the frames apart and being very careful with it, I managed to snap a pin because of who tight the frames were in one areas, due to two sets of pins being relatively close to one another. However, after putting it back together, that snapped pin hasn’t been an issue and the frames still sit very tightly flush together. If anything, the destruction of that pin makes subsequent stripping of the blaster substantially less trying.

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