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Barrett M82 CQB

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  • 40.75 Inches long when set up
  • Bolt Action Simulation
  • Recoil Suspension Simulator kit inside stock
  • Removable Magazine
  • Flip up Ironsights
  • Scope
  • 20mm Tactical Rail
  • Carry Handle
  • Bipod – Extendible
  • Barrel unscrews to pack down into smaller box! Great for Conventions with travel
  • 6 Fake bullets (loadable into magazine)

Unique Feature: Load fake bullets into the removable mag and each time you cycle the bolt, one springs out the ejection port!

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Weight 1.1 kg


  1. zichago (verified owner)

    Many toys fail to meet the exceedingly high expectations set by their real-life counterparts, it’s just the nature of the subject.

    The Barrett M82 CQB offered by Toy Things, of China comes damn close to the real-steel version, despite being a few millimeters here and there, short of full-scale. It has features that aren’t as common as they should be, such as; removable magazine, functional bolt and charging handle, flip-up iron sights, fold-able bi-pod, eject-able shells, carry handle and removable barrel. The company has even gone far enough to grant additional bonus, in the form of a simulated recoil system.

    The plastic body is very sturdy and the actions of the internal and moving parts are very solid and crisp, and I am very happy for choosing to purchase this toy at this price. I would highly recommend it. It has plenty of ‘beautification’ potential, and any friends with similar interests are sure to be incredibly jealous that you own one of the most detailed sniper rifle toys now available in the country.

    I offer a big, warm thanks to the team at Armoured Heaven for securing high-quality toys like this.

  2. James (verified owner)

    Great quality, looks real, working bolt action, ejecting shells. Only problems are the shells get jammed a lot, doesn’t effect the slider but is a bit annoying. Also the carry handle is very flimsy and feels like its going to break every time I hold it. Also it gets in the way. I just cut mine off. Overall very satisfied.

  3. daniel_kosta (verified owner)

    For its price, it isn’t bad but does need a bit of work.
    The construction is sturdy.
    The scope is way below average – no lens – but as it can be removed, I’ve ordered a rifle scope which will fit nicely using the 20mm rails.
    The silly iron sights can be removed with a bit of work using a scalpel as the plastic for these components is softer.
    The recoil system is cool, though perhaps a stronger spring would make the recoil a bit more violent and satisfying!
    The magazine only fits 3 of the 6 casings. Sliding the bolt is satisfying with the casing flying out however it doesn’t always work smoothly.
    Some camo tape will do further wonders to make it look good.
    A 3 star toy, increased to 4 given its price.

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