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Tactical Gear & Accessories Progress!

It’s all coming together! I am buying it progressively to make sure I am able to give the best price to you my customers!

Very excited to announce I have more 1000D FLYYE Drop Leg Holsters on the way with belts. They are in production and I should have them by my June target for sale!

The belts will be a higher quality than the previous ones I sold BUT best news is, very much compatible with everything I sell! The buckle is stronger too!

The holsters will be black in colour AND can be switched between Right Hand and Left Hand use! Simply take the holster out of the velcro platform it sits in, flip it around and there you have it! An easy LH Drop Leg Holster!

Next to follow is a new product. A Serpa USP Drop Leg Holster! No I don’t have any USP’s to sell, BUT these will fit the Detonic M1911 I sell. They are a wide pistol and this holster is perfect for it. With 60 on the way, there will be plenty to go around. It comes with a Paddle and Belt attachment kit too for those wanting to not carry a Drop Leg set up for their costumes. It will also be compatible for Serpa Molle mounts that are designed to equip it onto vests for a “cross draw” set up! When they arrive to me, I will also check out what other pistols fit in them and write up a product description explaining this.

Finally, EOTech XPS-2 Zombie Stoppers! They’re shipped and should be arriving next month! They’re compatible with all 20mm railed toy guns and the reticle is amazingly awesome! A bio-hazard symbol, that at a push of a button, can switch between red and green in colour!

I hope you’re as excited as me to be getting all this back in! I also want to remind you that this Saturday is the final day to use the 10% off coupon code [wls-123]. You can buy as many products as you like with it and still score 10% off!

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  • lachy Posted 29/04/2014 7:39 pm

    Great. I am really exited for this. Keep up the great work

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