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Tactical Gear & Accessories!

I got a huge shipment of tactical gear and accessories coming in! Our biggest supply yet! I’m resupplying my Tactical Combat Vests and Black Hawk Down vests, but also adding a new style. The Jumper Plate Carrier (JPC)! Now this should have an internal magazine pouch set but I ordered extra triple magazine pouchs just in case! So what does that mean if it does come with the built in magazine set? You get the extra magazine pouches anyway!!!

Not only that, but a variety of black drop leg holsters and grenades are coming too! I have shoulder holsters (already delivered and online), Tornado, Beretta SFL and Glock Holsters on the way! And lastly, Red Dot Sights!!!

The Beretta SFL holsters are ambidextrous and come in a belt and drop leg panel kit! They are big too and will fit large frame pistols like the Desert Eagle XIX and Beretta M93R Robocop guns! Also any that you decide to mount an under barrel torch to! Two switch legs, all you need is a phillips head screw driver to flip the holster around

The Glock Holster is of a new plastic moulded design. They appear to be suited for any type of Glock, so with the new shipment of Glock’s due in June, these will be great for those wanting a futuristic look!

Prop Grenades! I have M67, M18 Smoke and M34 WP!

Red Dot Sights! The M2 COMP is returning! We’re also getting in a new sight – The T1 Red Dot Sight! Lot’s of door kicking Operators use them! 😉

All this is due from Monday next week and I’ll update my facebook page as we receive the deliveries!

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