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Toys Returning Soon!

For my first blog post since the relaunch of Armoured Heaven, I’m happy to announce we’ll be seeing the return of a lot of products I have had in the past that were quite popular, but some were unavailable to me due to no stock.

The following list is what I aim to have in stock by June this year!

AK47 w/Removable Magazine – Full scale AK. Very broad size and based off the classic design most refer to as “Vietnam War era”. Like the name says, it has a removable magazine which is also full scale!!! Comes in black and has brown furniture (Stock, Grip and Hand Guard).

AK74U w/Removable Magazine – Full scale AK. The slightly smaller version (barrel length). Like the name says, it has a removable magazine which is also full scale!!! Comes in full black and functions the same as the AK47.

Desert Eagle XIX 50 Cal – This is a fixed silver and black model unlike the Mark VII I sell that has moving slide (I’ve featured a painted version in this post’s picture feature). However it does come with the ability to mount optics for that awesome “Hollywood” feel! One awesome feature is there is a button around the grip that acts as an “ammo count”. You get 8 shots and when you run out of ammo. Squeezing the trigger makes a clicking noise! Hit this reload button 8 times and you’ll be rearmed and good to go! Also, when firing, this toy has an integrated 1MW laser in the barrel AND vibrates a lot! The firing sound is heavy and amazing to listen to!

Pump Action Shotgun – Comes with 4 shells that when loaded into the tube magazine, eject out the port when the pump is cycled! With batteries, cycling the pump makes a reload sound and firing it makes a nice shell shot sound!

Beretta M92FS RAS – This has a moving slide when trigger is squeezed and slide is cocked. Along with attachable Rail Adaptor System (RAS) with fake Suppressor, working low powered torch and Scope, this toy is very dynamic. Put batteries in and listen to the firing sounds it makes when you add or detach the suppressor. Also makes a reloading sound when slide is cocked!

TD-2009 MP5SD6 – The Navy Seals model! Very sturdy and has a button activated low powered laser light (1 MW) that comes out above the suppressor integrated barrel! The stock is extendible so perfect for kids and adults alike! Want to mount optics on this beauty? Buy an MP5 High Rail Mount from eBay or other website and mount it to the mould’s integrated bracket!


  • Warwick Posted 25/04/2014 2:41 am

    What substance are the pistols & rifles made of

    • Brad Posted 25/04/2014 11:01 am

      Light weight plastic found in most toys

  • joe Posted 28/04/2014 6:45 pm

    I know yuo

    • Brad Posted 28/04/2014 7:43 pm

      You do? From seeing Armoured Heaven at conventions I take it?

  • chickmacgyver Posted 30/04/2014 3:51 pm

    Will you be restocking the MK141 Flash Bangs in the near future?

    • Brad Posted 30/04/2014 6:39 pm

      Certainly am! They’re on their way. Due in June!

  • Ben Posted 04/06/2014 12:47 am

    Do you plan on getting those assault rifles in stock anytime soon?

    • Brad Posted 04/06/2014 1:17 pm

      Yes, they’re in customs at the moment getting cleared.

  • Online Toy Shops In Australia Posted 26/05/2015 5:20 pm

    Great pistol toys .

  • windlp01 Posted 12/03/2016 1:42 pm

    Hey when is the AWP Sniper back in stock?

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