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Transformers Cybertronian Cache arrives at Armoured Heaven!

Cybertronians have arrived on Earth and their Destination is Armoured Heaven!

Are you a Heroic Autobot or a Gladiatorial Decepticon? Choose your side in their new Transformers “Combiner Wars”

We have Optimus Prime and Silverbolt heading up the Autobots as the body unit for their combiners. Each Voyager Class unit has their own Gestalt configuration to merge with the Deluxe class Aerialbots! So you can have Ultra Prime or Superion!

Decepticon loyalists fear not, for Megatron is here and he has taken on a deadly tank form. We have two version of Leader Class Megatron; G1 colours and the Armada Megatron retool. He is supported so far by Stunticon Dragstrip and they have requested backup by other Decepticons whom are due soon!

We expect this battle to go well and are awaiting further reinforcements in the future for this year in the form of Defensor, Menasor, Ultra Magnus and Devastator!

MegatronAM 02


Pictured: The Armada Megatron retool. Based off the Transformers Armada tv series voiced by David Kaye

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